customized solutions for toxic compounds degradation

Bioremediation for ALL types of polluted sites

The BioAccel process allows bioengineered microorganisms to directly degrade all types of contaminants by employing metabolic degradation pathways and can be used in situ with minimum disturbance to the cleanup site.

Our laboratories analyse your effluent to produce a BioAccel Microbial Consortia to accelerate the breakdown and degradation of ALL toxic elements to BELOW THE ACCEPTABLE CONTAMINANT LEVELS REQUIRED BY LAW, regardless of whether these contaminants arise as a result of industrial, chemical or organic activity.


Industry Focused Solutions!

Mining and industrial site cleanup

BioAccel laboratories provide effective process for cleaning up toxic materials and pollutants from soil, groundwater, buildings, mines and other terrains on mines and industrial sites, even for previously untreatable heavy metals and toxic compounds.

Municipal Wastewater treatment

BioAccel laboratories provide a proprietary solution with increased treatment performance for municipal wastewater treatment including possible removal of the necessity for chemical addition to sludges.

Tannery and Pigmentation effluents treatment

Our proprietary BioAccel process provides proven treatment processes for highly complex tannery and pigmentation wastewaters characterized by high contents of organic, inorganic and nitrogenous compounds, chromium, sulfides, suspended solids and dissolved solids.

polluted cesspools and river estuaries rehabilitation

BioAccel laboratories provide a low cost solution with proven treatment performance for pollution remediation and rehabilitation of water and sewage, including polluted cesspools and river estuaries.

Have a problem remediating and treating toxic waste? We can help.