remediating and treating toxic waste

BioAccel Laboratories - developing proprietary biological processes for previously untreatable waste streams

Our proprietary processes can be implemented for the breakdown and degradation of all toxic elements to below the acceptable contaminant levels required by law.

Our processes can be successfully applied to water, sludge,industrial and organic effluents, including but not limited to dairy, pig and poultry farming, septic tanks, waste from shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, slaughterhouses and waste residue from their activities, heavy metals from tannery effluents, edible oil refineries, flour mills, breweries, food processing industry, rubber industry, mining industry, vegetable oil recycling industry, in addition to municipal entities of treatment of water and sewage, including polluted cesspools and river estuaries.

Any toxic elements present in residual effluents are reduced to acceptable levels resulting in water and an inert silt as a byproduct, rendering the water suitable for reuse.

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